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What are the classifications of office furniture? Office furniture purchase and maintenance knowledge

Office furniture is furniture for daily work and social activities. Good office furniture layout can improve the overall perception and visual effects of the enterprise, while a reasonable ergonomic design can effectively improve the work efficiency of the staff and protect the user’s body. What are the classifications of office furniture? Which office furniture material is good? How to choose, match, place and maintain office furniture? Next, let’s introduce the knowledge of office furniture.

Office furniture is furniture for office. Common office furniture includes office desks and chairs, computer chairs, office screens, office sofas, executive desks, lockers, safes, etc., mainly in offices, conference rooms, libraries, training Room, laboratory, corporate rest area and other places.

List of furniture for public office areas: desks, office chairs

Leader’s office furniture list: executive desk, leather chair, bookcase, locker, safe

Conference room furniture list: conference table, conference chair, display board

Reception room furniture list: sofa, coffee table, showcase

List of lounge furniture: folding beds, coffee tables and chairs, office partitions

Solid wood furniture: the main body is all made of wood, only a small amount of plywood and other auxiliary materials are used. Solid wood furniture generally has a mortise structure, that is, a fixed structure. At present, there are two types of solid wood furniture on the market. One is pure solid wood furniture. All the materials used in the furniture are solid wood. This kind of furniture is artistic and has a high collection value; the other is imitation solid wood furniture. The texture, feel and color of wood are exactly the same as solid wood furniture, but it is actually made by mixing solid wood and wood-based panels.

Panel furniture: The main parts are made of artificial board, plywood, particle board, blockboard, medium density fiberboard, etc. with surface decoration.

Leather furniture: The outer skin is made of natural animal leather. Sofas and chairs are the most common, giving people a grand, generous and luxurious feeling.

Practical principle: Many companies selling office furniture have a lot of promotional activities for aesthetics, and some even the aesthetics exceeds the practicality, which reduces the practicality of office furniture. As a buyer, we must grasp the standard of practicality.

The principle of saving: various new products are constantly being introduced on the market, especially modern office furniture, which is loved by customers, but they are loved by customers. As office furniture, it is still necessary to grasp the principle of saving and not to buy redundant office furniture. It’s required.

Combination principle: Combination office furniture is a popular office furniture today. This easy-to-disassemble product is very convenient to use and can be combined at will, especially for large companies, which is more convenient.