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What are the common computer desk sizes and what are the styles of office computer desks

With the continuous development of the economy, computers have almost become a must-have electrical appliance for families. If you have a computer at home, you need to install a computer desk. You know, the choice of computer desk is very important. So, what is the appropriate size of a home computer desk? How high is the home computer? Only a suitable computer desk can be used more conveniently and comfortably. Generally speaking, the height of an ordinary computer desk is between 70-100 cm, the width is about 40-60 cm, and the length is about 60-120 cm. If it is a folding computer desk, it is relatively small, only 30*20 cm. But do you know what are the common computer desk styles? Let’s take a look at the relevant knowledge together.

1. The size of the computer desk

1. The size of an ordinary computer desk

In the living room and study room, the size of the computer desk and the desktop are generally relatively large. In addition to the computer, you must also put some necessary documents and books, or supplies such as tea cups and pen holders. Therefore, ordinary computer desks The height is between 70-100 cm, the width is about 40-60 cm, and the length is about 60-120 cm. Such size and height can be convenient and comfortable during our use.

2. The size of the folding computer desk

The use of a folding computer desk on the bed is also called a lazy computer desk, which enables the owner to fold the computer desk at will according to his sleeping or lying position when resting on the bed. It is very convenient and random. The size of this type of folding computer desk may be It is not very wide, and is designed according to the size of a general computer, about 30cm*20cm. Folding computer desks made of wood will have a relatively simple color, style and pattern. The general size is about 60cm*40cm.

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Second, the style of the computer desk

Man-made board

The artificial board computer desk, the spacious and comfortable countertop design of the computer desk makes it more convenient for you to use. The surface of the computer desk also adopts a decent design of fine wood grain, which has the characteristics of wear-resistant, waterproof and scratch-resistant. The computer desk also uses a stainless steel bracket as a support, which is more beautiful and more stable, and has a strong load-bearing capacity. The underside of the computer desk is equipped with an integrated mainframe keyboard support design to prevent the mainframe from being directly placed underground and causing moisture, making it more durable.

Tempered glass

The computer desk with tempered glass design is beautiful and fashionable. The desktop of the computer desk is made of high-quality tempered glass, which has strong impact resistance, high temperature resistance, and more durability. Compared with ordinary glass, it has better resistance to pressure, allowing you to be safer and more practical. The underside of the computer desk adopts a carbon steel load-bearing bracket, which has a strong load-bearing capacity, and the surface has been treated with a paint, which is more smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to peel off the paint. The computer desk is also designed with a Z-shaped tripod, which has better bearing capacity.


Modern and simple design, stylish and beautiful. The computer desk is decorated with piano paint, which is beautiful and easy to clean. The board of the computer desk is made of E1 grade environmentally friendly fiberboard. It has a fine structure, good bearing capacity, and is more environmentally friendly and durable. The computer desk is also divided into two floors. The partitions are reasonable and can be used to store various commonly used books or materials. The large-capacity storage cabinet on the lower floor can store more items, which is very convenient.

Solid wood

The solid wood computer desk has been polished by multiple processes. The corners of the computer desk are rounded, the lines are soft and natural, and the smooth surface can clearly see the wood texture, giving the study a fresh and natural look. The computer desk uses E1 grade solid wood pellets. Its structure is stable and not easy to deform. It also uses natural wood paint spraying, which is beautiful and more environmentally friendly and healthy.


The artificial board computer desk is designed in European style and looks very beautiful. The entire computer desk is made of thick triamine board, which has better bearing capacity. The corners of the entire computer desk have been smoothly processed, which is beautiful and makes it safer for you and your family to use. There are storage structures on the upper and lower layers of the computer desk, which is convenient for you to put books and materials, and it is more convenient to look up.